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                04 Entrance to Trail CT   01 Trail toward NYC Sculpture CT   02 Down the Trail 2 CT
 In October, 2001, my wife Nancy and I visited New York City. On the way home I told Nancy I would like to build a memorial for those killed on September 11 on our property. She agreed. Over the next six months, with the help of friends and neighbors the trail was completed. It is actually a constant work in progress. The 9/11 Memorial Trail is open to the public. It is located in Athens/Clarke County, Georgia at 320 Morton Farm Lane, 30606. For those of you who cannot visit, you may take a tour here.  You may contact me at

“Memory may be our  most powerful weapon  against fanaticism”   E Wiesel

 On September 11, 2001, the United States was attacked by cowards who do not understand our lifestyle, our freedom, or our democracy. Over 3000 were killed. This garden and trail has been built as a reminder of what took place on 9/11.                               The entrance to the trail is just up our driveway, off Morton Farm Lane.

3bboxoverviewYour first glimpse of the trail. Entering the memorial from the driveway you walk
through a trail of hanging plants, art, or birdhouses.
4cboxcuIn this box is an alphabetical listing of everyone killed on 9/11.
The sculpture to the right is called “Migration” by Athens artist Harold Rittenberry.
5dpathwayAThe trail is an oval and is almost 300 yards long. There are 99 poles in the garden. (9 x 11 = 99). Names of everyone killed on September 11 are on the poles. The names on the poles are not in alphabetical order.
They are in random order, showing each person as an individual. You can find a person’s name and where they are located in the garden in the box at the beginning of the trail.
6epathwayBFurther down the path, take a left and you will see the first of 3 sculptures
7fpentlongThis sculpture honors those killed at the Pentagon. There are 254 rocks outlining the sculpture.
September 11 is the 254th day of the year.
8gpentmedAmerican Airlines Flight 77 crashed into the Pentagon at 9:43 A.M.
The five black beams represent the the five sides of the Pentagon.
9hpentcuThe missing piece, now red, shows the fire at the site and sits on the bed of stones. The black/gray rocks inside the Pentagon show the strength of our military and the American people.
There are 184 rocks in the middle of the sculpture representing the 184 people who lost their lives
10ipathwayCWalking around the trail there are 9 benches, again representing the month of September.
11jflagThe American flag is surrounded by three paintings created by Athens artist Mary Padgelek.
There are also three sets of wind chimes in this area, as well as many more chimes throughout the trail.
12kloveThe paintings represent faith, hope and love.
13lpathwayDThe American flags at the top of each pole are all hand painted on cedar shingles.
The flags are all facing the northeast. NYC, Washington and Pennsylvania are all to the northeast of Athens, GA.
14mpathwayEYou are now at the far end of the trail, opposite the entrance.
The bench at the top is a gift from my good friend, Smith Wilson. It is from the Amish country in Ohio.
15npathwayFLooking down the path from the far end. The trail takes on a different mood depending on the season you visit.
16opathwayGAnother view from the far end.
17pnewyorkHonoring those who died in NYC. The rocks outlining this sculpture represent the many nationalities lost on 9/11.
The sculpture represents the skyline of NYC. Nine buildings for the ninth month of the year;
the tallest pole representing the tallest building, which is now the Empire State Building.
18qnewyorkThe buildings are granite, showing the spirit and strength of the people of the USA,
immediately rebuilding what was destroyed
and supporting one another in this time of tragedy.
The gray stones are the rubble and debris and grit of the city after the collapse.
The two darker stones represent the two towers of the World Trade Center.
The granite was donated by Smith Brother’s Memorials in Oglethorpe County, Georgia.
19rpathwayHBack on the path
20spathwayIYou are now 3/4 of the way through the trail.
21tpennlongIn the center is a tribute to those killed on Flight 93 that crashed into a field in front of a stand of pine trees in Somerset County, Pennsylvania. The nine poles in the back of the sculpture represent both September, the ninth month of the year and Flight 93. There are 9 poles, with 3 of them shorter than the others; thus, Flight 93
22upennsideThere was no wreckage left from the crash, only a large crater in front of the trees. The 254 stones represent the crater, and they form a circle, for the “Circle of Life.” There are 254 mountain brook stones in the circle. September 11 is the 254th day of the year. The 40 white stones represent the 40 individuals who were killed. Lives and dreams that are now unfulfilled.
23vpathwayJHeading around the final turn and back to the beginning of the trail.
24wpennsidebLooking to left you again see the Pennsylvania sculpture.
25xleavelongTaking a right and leaving the garden.
26yleavingbLeaving the trail.
27zleavboxcu“To live through catastrophe is bad to forget it worse”    E. Wiesel
   Thank You for visiting the 9/11 Memorial Trail.

7 thoughts on “Tour the Trail

    1. BobHart is a remarkable individual. It is refreshing to meet and get to know someone who has the drive and imagination to create something like this that honors those that were sacrificed, reminds us of the dark day in our history and is completely selfless.


  1. Bob, this version is wonderful. Having walked the trail so many times, it was a great way to recollect the wonderful work you did. Gilles


  2. Bob, I regret that I will probably never be able to visit this in person. I so appreciate your efforts. Proud to have met you and Nancy.—-Janice Gillespie


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